Efficient and reliable storage platforms to drive better patient care.

Did you know the health care industry stores upward of 434 petabytes of data per year and with an ever increasing aging population and the advent of higher resolution imaging technologies, we can expect continuous storage expansion.

For most businesses, information loss and slow data access can hinder business operations. However, for healthcare providers, data availability is a matter of life and death. 24×7 data availability and instant access are therefore the primary requirements for healthcare data storage. Moreover, to handle growing PACS and EMR data, healthcare storage solutions must provide flexible scalability.

Data-intensive medical images and patient information often require long-term retention, and storage solutions have to be able to scale performance and capacity to process and accommodate increasing data volumes.

Based on a high-performance and easy-to-manage platform, Our storage solutions efficiently address the challenges of medical storage demand. With Intelligent Technology’s storage solutions, the correct data is always available, allowing healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality medical services to their patients.

We offer customized solutions for maintenance contracts, refresh support and other IT services for: Hospitals, Clinics, Research Facilities, and Radiological Centers and more!

  • Decades of storage and network experience
  • Decades of experience defining and supporting data networks
  • Cross brand, multi-vendor support
  • Established partners for tape, archiving, and disaster recovery

Our Media Storage Services team provides options to increase the life of your data storage investments. We take a consultative approach, accessing your current hardware and software infrastructure, providing analysis, and making recommendations to maximize the performance of that infrastructure.

We provide this by performing free health checks on your equipment.

Benefits of this service:

  • Ensure service continuity during storage scaling and maintenance
  • Protect patient records against logical and physical storage errors
  • Fully leverage system power to quickly and smoothly process large-sized medical data
  • Meet changing application needs through flexible storage expansion
  • Retain medical records for regulatory compliance cost-effectively
  • Reduce storage management overhead