We live in a world in which more data has been created in the last 25 years than in the aggregate of prior human history.

Optimized content creation with high-performance and reliable storage solutions.

With the media industry rapidly evolving and becoming more complex, storage systems are challenged to meet ever increasing requirements. In order to fulfill these needs, current media storage is expected to provide high performance, stability, reliability and scalability, thus enabling high-speed and non-disruptive workflow from acquisition to post-production and delivery.

Our storage systems meet these demands with proven throughput power, AV-optimized features, high fault-tolerance and flexible scalability for improved efficiency. In SAN and DAS or even NAS environments.

We design and deploy big data storage solutions all across the communications, media and entertainment markets. We further enhance our value by providing a wide range of pre and post sales services to extend lifecycle and ROI.

Our solutions are designed  for customers requiring high-performance, highly reliable data storage, archiving and network infrastructure including:

  • Video Post Production
  • Broadcast
  • Film Post Production
  • VFX
  • Sports
  • VOD/Streaming
  • Media Storage Services (MSS)

Did you know a typical two-hour movie yields approx. 20 hours of source content. That is typically more than 50TB of data.

Our approach to storage ecosystem design is catered to our customers and supported by:

  • Decades of storage and network experience
  • Decades of experience defining and supporting big data networks
  • Solutions qualified and certified with hundreds of industry applications
  • Cross brand, multi-vendor support
  • Established partners for tape, archiving, and disaster recovery

Intelligent Technology’s talened team of storage experts can assess and provide simple, straightforward integration options for applications like AVID, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and more.

We approach each segment of the market through a thorough assessment of our customer workflows. Whether it is a smaller creative workgroup looking for a high-performance SAN and/or mid-tier or enterprise environment that requires a more robust solution, our team has experience across the board.

Be sure to check out our FibreJet workgroup solution!

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