Intelligent Technology was founded in 1980, our roots began in computer terminals and mainframe distribution (what servers are today); in fact we were one of the original 60 distributors for DEC Digital Equipment Corporation here in the USA. During our early years we were primarily focused on software design and custom solutions. In the later years we slowly shifted into Audio, Video and IT solutions realm.

Today Intelligent Technology is a full-service Audio, Video, IT and data storage solution provider.

Intelligent Technology distinguishes itself among so many by our long history of having direct relationships with the software and hardware manufacturers that enable us to directly enlist their help on behalf of our customers.

Here at Intelligent Technology we’re able to step back and see the bigger picture. We analyze how you work, determine your frustrations and bottlenecks and then we design and deploy a system that will enhance your data storage capabilities wither its with a RAID, SAN or NAS setup we can streamline your workflow. Information Technology is so complicated and it’s not getting any less complex. Our team at Intelligent Technology are masters at producing high performance, scalable and reliable storage SANs, media management and workflow automation solutions to make your job easier.


At Intelligent Technology we help our customers achieve success by designing, developing and deploying robust, modern systems for their organization. We do that first by listening to our clients, understanding the challenges they face and then proposing various solutions. We take the time to talk our customers through the proposal, educating them on the merits of different approaches.